Data Source Guide

Data Source Guide


❌ Incorrect CSV file format

Incorrect CSV data formatting can lead to significant problems during data analysis. Here are some specific formatting tips for CSV:
  • A header row must be present in the file.
  • Every row in your CSV file should have a corresponding column name in the header row.
  • For each value in row there should be a column associated with it. Mismatch in number of columns and row data will cause file upload error.
  • Data type of each column should be appropriate for successfully executing SQL queries.

✅ Correct CSV file format

To ensure that your CSV files are correctly formatted for efficient processing and analysis, follow these guidelines:
  • The very first line of your CSV file should always be the header row.
  • This row must contain the names of the columns, clearly describing the data each column holds.
  • Each row in your CSV file should use a comma to separate individual fields.
  • Ensure that the data in each row adheres to consistent and correct data formats.