Chat & Query data using AI and SQL

Get blazing fast data insights from your Excel, CSV or Postgres

No credit card required
No credit card required
Making data analysis fun and easy
Enabling individuals and enterprises to perform blazing fast and
accurate analysis of their data using various useful features
Chat with your Excel, CSV or Postgres

Chat with your Excel, CSV or Postgres

AI models enhance your analytics experience, chat with your data sources as if they were humans.

Power of SQL

Power of SQL

SQL is powerful, feature-rich and battle tested. You don't need specialised knowledge to run your queries. We support all SQL functionalities.

Chat and Editor modes

Chat and Editor modes

Either use chat mode to get insights about your data, or use a dedicated SQL editor mode for in-depth analysis with data visualisations.

Visualization of data

Visualization of data

Data is displayed in tables with a user-friendly interface for understanding the results. Meanwhile, graphs provide a broader overview of the query results, aiding in better judgement.

Cloud / Self-hosted options

Cloud / Self-hosted options

We aim to make analysis easy, frictionless, and affordable for everyone, from individuals to enterprises. Choose from our serverless cloud offering or on-prem deployment options

Connect different data sources

How does it work
Just connect your data source and start querying, simple steps yet powerful analysis.

Step 1

Connect your data source

Choose from a list of various data sources and easily connect them for querying and analyzing the data.

Step 2

Query your data

You can run your analytical queries either in Chat mode or from our SQL editor. Use AI when needed and receive results instantaneously - it's blazing fast.

Try it now to see for yourself!

Step 3

Analyse results and visualise

Query results are displayed in a table and can also be viewed as graphs. We provide both options to help you interpret your data as effectively as possible.

FAQs/Common Questions

What is Flamingos, is it just another analytics software?

Flamingos is the simplest and fastest way to perform Data Analysis on your data using AI and SQL at a very affordable price. We provide meaningful features to make it easy for you to operate and move fast with your business decisions that relies on your data and insights. Try it once you will understand better how easy and powerful it is to do data analysis on Flamingos.

How does AI work and how will it improve my workflow?

We believe by leveraging powerful AI language models we increase the effectiveness of performing data analysis over your data and we do this by converting your ideas or thoughts into SQL that is then run using our database engine which makes the workflow blazing fast from executing your queries to getting results.

How safe is my data and what is the privacy policy around my data?

We believe in prioritising safety and security for our users data and it is of utmost importance for us therefore we have implemented good measures to protect and safeguard your data. Read our privacy policy

What data sources are supported?

Currently we support CSV, Parquet and Postgres DB. However, we are working on releasing more data source types on our platform in coming weeks. If have a request for supporting specific data source type send us your request at [email protected]

Is it Free to use? what is the pricing?

Yes, we do have a FREE plan valid for 30 days or until plan quota lasts for all users and no credit card is required to use Flamingos while on FREE plan. As for pricing you can check the pricing plans once you login go to User settings > Plans you will see the pricing plans.

Is Flamingos useful for enterprise use cases?

Yes, absolutely Flamingos is capable enough to support enterprise use cases and we also provide custom pricing and features for enterprise users that also includes on-prem deployment, custom ETL/ELT workflows and more. Schedule a demo with us and we will show the power of Flamingos for large datasets. Book a demo call

Does Flamingos support large datasets?

Yes, we are robust enough to support querying on large datasets for analysis without you worrying about managing infrastructure or storage as we do all of that for you to provide a serverless offering.